Keep Slipping Away Released/Next US Tour Announced

A Place to Bury Strangers released the second single from Exploding Head, Keep Slipping Away this week.  

A radio edit is now available on Itunes with a B Side, Hit the Ground, plus remixes by Cereal Spiller, South Central, Richard Fearless and fellow Mute label mates Maps.

The video for Keep Slipping Away will debut on Myspace on December 20.  You can hear the excellent South Central Remix here:


There will be a vinyl 7” available at show on the next tour...
APTBS will be doing another full US tour in the Spring with the Big Pink including a NYC date at Webster Hall on March 30.  You can read about it here:


All dates are up on Myspace as well.  We’re working on an LA show so stay tuned.


A Place to Bury Strangers has added a final show to their current UK/European tour.   they will play Monday December 15 at the London Barfly.  This is a Sailor Jerry's Presents event.  

Tickets will be given out from their website starting tomorrow at 10 AM.  Info here:

A Place to Bury Strangers will also be going to Australia in February:

February 11:  Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney
February 12:  The Corner in Melbourne

Info here:

The Keep Slipping Away single will be released on December 8 in the US and December 14 in the UK.
It will feature B Side “Hit the Ground” as well as remixes by South Central, Richard Fearless, Cereal Spiller and Maps.
The video, Directed by Brendan Bellomo and Greg Wilson,  will premiere on Myspace this weekend (December 11 or 12).

Here’s a lengthy and quite worthwhile review of Cambridge with some great pictures:

Review of London plus interview with Oliver:

Here’s an article from XLR8R on Death By Audio Pedals:

Exploding Head has been in the top ten of the CMJ charts for the past two weeks.  Here’s an article from this month’s CMJ Magazine:


Brews and Bad Ass Mothers

Forget Jazz, New Orleans is a rock and roll town with a nice Disney World meets SXSW vibe. We saw Frankie and Louise and Nancy and it's making us miss the old days. But it's nothing that a couple of beefcakes and 64oz cold ones can't make us forget. The show was great, I love One Eyed Jacks but now one guitar is out of commission and another amp is down. I'm playing through one of the bass amps and we are turning into a pawn shop on wheels.




Tallahassee Me

The weather was hot and sticky and the licks Tim from Darker My Love was laying down was as well! Man the kids at FSU are a good crew and took care of us well, wink wink. The show ended with Jay shooting off a full blown firework show off the loading docks and then I trumped that with some multicolored snakes that slowly burned into a nice pile of ash-poop. Where's the cops?



So we liberated these hitchhikers on our way down to Atlanta to go to the show only to have them forget their ID's in South Carolina. Sorry Charlie and Matilda, good luck getting back! All the Saints were freaking mind-blowing at the Drunkin Unicorn! It was a super rocking show that afterwords turned into a Hotlanta hip hop dance party givin us the perfect oportunity to showcase our dance moves, but guess what......we got served! Them locals know how to kick it. Thanks Papa Juice for being there! Now I know where he gets it.



North Carolina and Leather Brings us Together

Welp, North Carolina was all about the serious dancing. We got all geared up and ready on our way down with some heavy as f tunes. Good to see all you folks again and thanks Brendan for the Movie! It is Ace!


one show down and and i hitch a ride with the darker my love boys down to DC. we all meet up at DC9 just in time for load in ... damn! we all get our sound checks in and have a somewhat group dinner, with david and ollie bowing out to eat with their parents. showtime hits and all the saints open it up with a killer set and our friends start pouring into the club, paul from ceremony, jake from screen vinyl image and thomas from true womanhood all representing! next up DML come in with some of our favorites, all of us singing along to the songs we all know from our last tour with them... drinking commences and we're getting ready to show everyone up. me and ollie start writing out the set list and decide tonights the night to open up with exploding head, the first time we've played this song live... followed up by it is nothing to ensure maximum ear splitting volume! by the end of the show not one person can see more than an inch in front of their faces due to the smoke out we've created. as the smoke dissipates and the fans and friends leave, we all get in one last round of drinks at the bar and do shots with the bartender, sweet willy leaves to catch his bus back to NY and it's time to head back down to the ackermanns for some sleep... not beore we grab some late night waffle house first! we lay our heads down and sleep dreaming of cheap cigerettes (for once!) on to north cacalaca!!!

- Jay



Two angry whoppers and two sad stomachs later we ditched the city and entered the city of brotherly love and man there were brothers everywhere. Fuck is it good to see All the Saints and Darker My Love again, and yes Diamond Dan is playing drums so guess what....... whhammy! The show is a blur due to me getting 15 hours of sleep in total for the last week. We end upget kicked out of Johnny Brendas, leaving Jay in Philly,and driving off with a bike chained to the bumper; sory mr. bike owner. Blurry sleepy driving to Fredericksburg to be welcomed with hugs from the Ackermanns and homemade muffins. Lets boost that 15 hours of sleep to a solid 19.

- Oliver


2009 Tour Starts

So we had this huge pile of equipment laid out on the floor at dba and then realized there was no way in hell we were going to fit it all in the van. So I guess it's going to be an experimental tour with only three guitar amps. Don't worry we will still be loud, I reinforced all the speakers with a blended epoxy so maybe they will hold up till the end of the tour. And now it's just 99 miles to Philly.